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Beyond Pharmaceutical, Inc. has introduced the idea of using G.F.P. to track sugar levels in the blood. This would be a great idea for the diabetic community. Rather than having diabetics prick themselves and draw blood to check their sugar levels, they can just swallow a pill that posses the GFP. The GFP would highlight the sugar in the consumers blood and the higher amount of light projected through the veins will determine the amount in their system. doing this will enable them to check sugar levels painlessly.

Beyond Pharmaceuticals is a group composed of five junior students that attend High Tech High. We are a community that contains proficient scientists, of which have participated in PCR, DNA extraction, and the critical Mosquito biodiversity project. This project peered deep into the mosquito as an insect and as a culture. The purpose of Beyond’s product is to enable the diabetic community to painlessly check the sugar levels in their blood.


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